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IMG_20130625_140621South Africa’s complex past and present make it such a unique place to be immersed in human rights advocacy. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to explore these issues this summer and learn from the wonderful women at the WLC! Our time in South Africa has already been amazing—Cape Town is so beautiful and picturesque, hiking Table Mountain was awesome, and meeting Desmond Tutu was incredible—so I can’t wait for the for the adventures and experiences that await!                                 

 What do I study? Public Policy and Ethics Certificate

Where am I from? Chino Hills, California

Where am I working? The Women’s Legal Centre,  a law center that seeks  to achieve equality for women in South Africa through advocacy and impact legislation.

Favorite experience in SA so far? Visiting the Central Methodist Mission/Albert Street School in Joburg and hiking up Table Mountain in Cape Town

Favorite place in Cape Town so far? Old Biscuit Mill

Favorite speaker so far: Allister Sparks (and Bill and Lorna’s life talk was great!)

Favorite food (let’s be honest, foods) right now? Butternut/Avo/Malva Pudding

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