On the beach in Camps Bay!

On the beach in Camps Bay, South Africa!

About Me:

Hi everyone! My name’s Bethany Sykes and I just finished my freshman year at Duke. I’m so excited to be living and working in Cape Town this summer, and I can’t wait to share some of my experiences with you on this blog!

What do I study? Psychology and Business (Markets And Management Studies)

Where am I from? Fayetteville, Arkansas

Where am I working? Sonke Gender Justice Network, an organization that works to promote gender equality and prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS

Favorite experience in SA so far? Attending a church service in downtown Cape Town led by Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Favorite place in Cape Town so far? Old Biscuit Mill

Favorite speaker so far? Allister Sparks

Favorite South African food? Actually a dessert – malva pudding is amazing!

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5 thoughts on “Bethany

  1. Bethany! Look at you! I am so glad you get to experience this wonderful opportunity. So very proud of you. Enjoy every moment. Love you.
    Aunt Cheryl

  2. Hey Sweetheart! Happy 19th! Got your reply back this morning, and will give you a call shortly. Great picture there on the beach…sort of reminds me of that pictue I really like of the little girl with her arms up welcoming travelers to Atlanta, as you go up the escalator in at Atl Hartsfield Airport. Keep up the great work there. So glad that you’re able to experience S. Africa. Love ya, Dad

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